Babar, the Pashmina Activist takes Village Pashmina to International Fashion Ramps for International Buyers



New Delhi: MoS for Textiles Shri. Santosh Kumar Gangwar Inaugurated the Fashion Show in Greater Noida where Babar, the only Pashmina Activist and Artist from Himalayas, who has been working on preservation and promotion of the Pashmina Goat and also to enhance the Pashmina Industry Eco-System from the past 5-6 years in Himalayas, previewed his Pashmina collections. Babar, who show cased his exclusive elite hand painted pashmina shawls with abstract art dedicated to the Pashmina Goats and Climate Change in Himalayas and elite pashmina Pocket Squares for Men to the international buyers from USA, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy and Latin America shared that heavy snow has been killing Pashmina Goats in the Indian Himalayas from the past several years, threatening supplies of silky cashmere wool used to make high-end scarves.


Thousands of nomads rear the goats in the inhospitable terrain of Ladakh, a high-altitude desert renowned for its dramatic landscape of towering mountains and arid plains. From past few years, goats were starved to death in the Changthan region because their fodder was buried under unusually heavy snow. In order to sensitize and launch a global initiative to protect the entire Pashmina Eco-System (that includes the Pashmina Goat, the Shepherds, the Communities and their Families which are dependent on the raring of this goat, the Yarn Weavers , the Manufacturers, the Craftsmen and the Buyers), Babar Afzal, The Himalayan Abstract Artist Pashmina Activist has been hosting Art exhibitions, Press conferences, Conclaves, talks and personal interactions with the stake holders in an attempt to sensitize viewers, national and international buyers towards the specie and ensure that a larger community participates and celebrates this magnificent specie, The Pashmina Goat. He is aggressively working on the three point program for enhancing the Pashmina Eco-system which includes: 1. To preserve the Pashmina Goat 2. To create awareness about the Fake Pashmina which is destroying the Real Pashmina Industry and 3.To create a retail fair trade platform for Pashmina Industry that would represent over 3,00,000 strong community of shepherds, weavers and craftsmen linked with the Pashmina Eco-System.

The international buyers greatly appreciated the detailed thought and work of Babar and he presented a ful-fledged program that has the “Care for Pashmina Goat Campaign”, “Pashmina Fair Trade Expositions”, “Pashmina Goat Conclaves” and “Pashmina Testing Service for Purity” coming up. All these initiatives are being put together to ensure that the Pashmina Eco-system is enhanced. It would help everyone who is linked with Pashmina (as a shepherd who breed the goat, as a weaver who weaves pashmina on the loom, the craftsmen and women who make intricate embroideries on the fabric, the shops, stores and brands who sell pashmina and the buyer who buys this precious piece as a life possession). Babar shared with the buyers, about the series of Pashmina Conclaves which he is planning to host across India and Internationally where the stakeholders including the Department of Animal Sheep Husbandry, Industries Department, Handloom and Handicrafts Department, Tourism Department, Academic Institutions, Scholars, Chambers of Commerce & Industries and WWF India would be invited to participate and work towards developing the landscape and future of the Pashmina Eco-System. The Export Promotion Council of India has extended full support and congratulated Babar for the dedication with which he has been pursuing this initiative from past several years and how he has made a visible difference to the eco-system at the State and National level in few years with his creativity and the method with which he has been pursuing the issues of enhancing the Pashmina Eco-System. Babar’s work has been appreciated by the leaders and the top policy makers of India and he mentioned that the current announcement of the budget which has 50 Crores dedicated to the promotion of Pashmina is a welcome initiative by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, as this news has brought a lot of excitement into the industry and the stakeholders.
The international buyers had the opportunity to discover the finest in Indian craftsmanship and artistic finish in perfect harmony with modern designs, contemporary colors and new product development under one roof. Babar stated that he is making an attempt to provide international buyers with one window to source their requirements and help them in establishing an enduring profitable business relationship with Pashmina Industry of J&K. The International Fashion Show is an attempt to put on international canvas the Pashmina Weavers and Pashmina Goat Shepherds so that they can expand horizons of key verticals of the pashmina industry. Babar’s collection of hand painted pashmina shawls dedicated to the life and grandeur of Pashmina Goat was the highlight of the show which took everyone with surprise as all the shawls were painted with the abstract images of the Pashmina Goat and its relation with the environment and climate change which had a strong and lasting message for buyers and visitors from over 20 Countries.

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