Babar thanks Modi for the Pashmina Package; hopes this would be judiciously utilized


Jammu: The announcement of a Rs. 80,000-crore package which would help build a modern, progressive and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir comes in as a great news for everyone in the state. This also brings in the good news for the Pashmina stakeholders who genuinely have been looking for such a step from the center.

Addressing a press conference in Jammu today, Babar stated that Pashmina is the life line of over  million people who are linked to it directly or indirectly for their survival. This package would help revitalize the industry and help the stakeholders in many ways to become economically confident and stable. He stated that it’s his dream to see Pashmina of J&K become the most demanded Pashmina in the World and gain it’s lost luster which is primarily due to the fake Pashmina which has destroyed the Kashmir Pashmina market in India and globally. The total stake of Indian Pashmina in the global market is not even 1% and this number needs to be increased substantially through the use of promotion packages and intelligent interventions to safeguard and enhance the production while ensuring the sustainable development of communities involved in this trade from Ladakh to Kashmir and Bahsoli. The 50 Cr. sanctioned for the promotion of Pashmina should be judiciously utilized with tangible on ground measurement of results. He also thanked the Narendra Modi, the Prime Minster of India, Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India and Dr. Jatinder Singh, MoS for taking note of the Pashmina Industry and the impetus it needs to regain its position in the global markets.


Babar is the founder of the Global Pashmina Goat Project and is now considered the most authentic voice on Pashmina in the world. His work as a pashmina activist from past over 6 years has got the Pashmina Industry of J&K into the board rooms of the policy makers of not only India but also may countries where Pashmina is being imported from India. His intelligent mix of interventions and communications which include a global PR campaign, advocacy work, art expositions, trade fairs, press conferences, legal battles and on ground connect in Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu with communities has brought a new hope for the industry. He is not working on putting up a social enterprise that would integrate the communities to create a global pashmina brand that would ensure the welfare of the eco-system in Himalayas and also enhance his very successful program of preserving the Pashmina Goats in Himalayas.

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