Bacch Dua: The fast expressing a mother’s love for her children

Women perform rituals for the long life of their sons on Thursday on the occasion of Bacch dua a tradition followed in Jammu. Excelsior/Rakesh

Jammu is celebrating Bacch Dua today and mothers have been visiting the temple since morning to offer the sweet rotis called ‘rutt’, soaked chana, haldi and the likes to pray for their sons. Here is the legend behind Bacch Dua or Govatsa Dwadashi.

In a legend, it is mentioned that from the Great Churning of the ocean (samudramanthan) five wish-fulfilling cows (kamadhenus) emerged. Among these five wish-fulfilling cows, a divine cow Nandâ had also emerged. This vowed religious observance is performed to worship this divine cow Nanda. On this day, married women (soubhagyavatis) undertake a fast partaking of only one meal, and either in the morning or evening; worship an embellished cow and her calf.
The cow, who is sattva-predominant, nourishes the society with her milk and lends fertility to the soil with the manure of her dung, is worthy of worship everywhere. The Hindus call the cow as Mother with gratitude. Where there is protection and nurture of cow, the person, society and nation do not lack in prosperity.
This vrat is done by consuming one meal. However, in the meal cow milk and the dishes made from it and fried foods like bhujiyapakaudi etc. are not consumed.


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