Bachelor? Try easy cooking for buddies


Six to seven McCain SmilesNew Delhi:  If you’re a bachelor and not a great cook and yet wish to treat your friends with something delicious, experiment with frozen foods.

Here’s an easy and quick way to make an appetizing sandwich with McCain Foods Kitchen recipe:

Ingredients: Six to seven McCain Smiles, French bread/Garlic bread, butter, mozzerella cheese grated, onion (cut into rings), capsicum (cut into rings or strips) and tomato (cut into rings or strips).


* Deep fry McCain Smiles for 3 minutes.
* Cut the bread loaf into two halves lengthwise.
* Spread butter on the surface and on the sides.
* Spread some puree, grated cheese, onion, capsicum, tomato and arrange fried McCain Smiles on it.
* Add cheese and sprinkle Oregano and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Tips for handling frozen foods:

* Do not thaw – Fry them straight out of freezer as they do not need to be thawed.
* Fry in parts: Do not fry too many of them together. Fry them in parts to get the perfect golden colour.
* Store at the back of freezer: The temperature at the back of the freezer is less likely to fluctuate. It is the best place to store your frozen snacks.


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