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Baig wrote open letter to PM, CM; said the PDP-BJP alliance has just achieved cynicism so far

Srinagar, November 07: Member of Parliament and a senior leader of PDP Muzaffar Hussain Baig in an open letter written to Prime Minister Modi  on Friday  ahead of his rally in Srinagar today said that that people in the Muslim-majority J&K were feeling “insecure” and the general perception is that the only thing PDP-BJP alliance has so far achieved is “further alienation, mistrust and cynicism.”

Baig is not attended the Prime Minister’s rally as reported in a local daily newspaper. Through his letter he made an appeal to both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to rise to the occasion and send a message of “peace and tolerance”.

Pertinently, Baig and another party MP Tariq Karra have not been attending the party’s meeting after the formation of the government. According to Baig’s open letter to to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, “The alliance and government was formed in an atmosphere of a great deal of cynicism prevalent in Kashmir. The ambivalence had its roots in the perceived incompatibility of the BJP and the PDP.”

Baig has mentioned a number of incident happened in the state after the PDP-BJP alliance came into power that helped growing of intolerance among the people of state. “What has happened in our state and in some other states, in the recent past, and the statements that have been made by certain highly placed persons in politics bring no credit to our commonly shared policy, our values and our civilisation,” the PDP MP said in the letter.

He further goes on saying, “On the practical plane, the scourge of intolerance has heightened intolerance and the malaise of mistrust has deepened…. In this Muslim majority state, the sense of insecurity that prevails today has never been witnessed before.”

While urging the Prime Minister and Chief Minister to rise to the occasion, Baig advised that the only justification for the PDP-BJP alliance shall disappear if you (PM & CM) fail to use your legal and moral authority to curb this scourge in real time.

“These declarations from leaders like you have to be followed by strict action in law against violators. The constitutional ideal of equality and liberty must come alive and prevail,” Baig continued.