Balwant Gargi’s famous play ‘Kabab Mein Haddi’ staged by Natrang

Jammu, June 7: In its weekly theatre series ‘Sunday Theatre’, Natrang presented Hindustani adaptation of Balwant Gargi’s famous play ‘Kabab Mein Haddi’. The play was directed by Neeraj Kant. The hilarious situations in the play made laughter irresistible for the audience. On the occasion, Natrang director Padamshree Balwant Thakur informed that Natrang’s Children’s Theatre Camp-2015 is commencing from Monday, 8th of June, 2015 and this year Natrang offers a unique opportunity for Jammu Children as a trainer from Washington DC (USA) will conduct classes during the first week of the workshop other than the local trainers.


‘Kabab Mein Haddi’ as the name suggests is a story of one intruder between two lovers. Naseem and Safdar are two college friends. Naseem is in love with Jameela. Both are post-graduate students studying in a University. Jameela is putting-up in the girls hostel whereas Naseem and Safdar are living in a rented accommodation. Despite having engaged they hardly find any space and avenue to meet each other to share their feelings. Jameela’s hostel warden is very strict and hardly allows her to move out and this side, Naseem’s sticky friend Safdar hardly leaves him alone.  Both have been shown making attempts to meet each other but in vain. Mustering courage and pulling in all resources they plan their outing on Friendship day. The movement they step-out, Safdar makes his un-wanted entry and offers them to escort them throughout their outing. Both try to convenience him that they can move on their own but this foolish friend is not ready to buy their arguments and forcefully accompanies them. The real comedy unveils here when Safdar spoils their every precious moment by intruding between them by creating funny situations. His intrusions irritate them and the moment he sees that they are irritated; he tries to be closer to them with the intention to ease out tension and conflict between them. Finally they get an opportunity to meet but the same is spoiled by their sincere friend. In fact Safdar sincerely wants to help both but his over whelming concern creates dramatic turns in the story. Wherever he is not required he will suddenly make his entry and would turn the whole situation.

This play was presented in a very beautiful manner by the young actors of Natrang. Sachin Bamba as ‘Naseem’, Mahikshit Singh as ‘Safdar’ and Kritika Singh Bhau as ‘Jameela’ played their respective characters with the required energies. Neeraj Kant executed the lights. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and the presentations were done by Pankaj Verma.

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