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Ban on private practice: Why only ‘Tuition’ and not ‘Clinics’?

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Adding to the list of Bans  in the state, The Department of School Education imposed ban on private tuition by Government teachers two days ago. For last two days, squads comprising officers of School Education Department and even police have been raiding tutorials at every nook and corner of the city validating the credentials of the tutors.

But why only Target the Teachers? The practice has exposed complete policy paralysis within the State as the government has failed to ban private practice by Government doctors despite repeated announcements. These doctors has defied repeated announcements of ban on their private practices in their own clinics and different chemist shops across the state and the government has been proved helpless in front of the strong lobby of doctors working in several government hospitals.

The ban on the private practice of doctor was announced when  it was found that the faculty doctors are working overtime in private clinics and nursing homes when they should be training young doctors. When the ban was announced last,the doctor threatened the then minister of Medical Education of mass resignation and he made announcement of evening clinics in Sir Colonel Chopra Nursing Home within the GMC hospital and offered to share the fixed consultation fee with them, but pompous doctors took the bull by the horn and openly came in defiance after filing the SLP. Since then, even the doctors who get Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) from the Government including HoDs of various academic departments of the GMC are doing private practice.

The present Minister for Health and Medical Education has done little except making announcements over this issue.

“For better services in the Government run hospitals, every doctor needs to be present and serve people in better way, irrespective of seniority,” he said in an event recently.

While adding to this, the health minister informed that the government has decided to ban private practices by doctors at all level and soon will be challenging the SLP filed in the Supreme Court with regard to the private practice of J&K doctors.

On one hand, Doctors have clearly defied ban and have been practicing at private level openly, the teachers who are paid much less than doctors and their private tuition do not have much bearing on overall Education, are being targeted by crackdowns on tutorials.



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