Bandh suspended after Delhi asks state to identify land for AIIMS in Jammu

Jammu Kashmir | A successful Nephrologist talks about why getting an AIIMS in Jammu will at the end not be a very fruitful venture.The AIIMS Coordination Committee has suspended the Jammu bandh after a written communication came from Union Government for identification of land for setting up AIIMS both in Kashmir and Jammu. Though the bandh has been suspended but the ongoing hunger strike, and movement in support of setting up the hospital will continue till the offer materializes on ground. The committee does not want to get duped by the promises made by the government.

There were differences of opinion among the coordination committee members over suspending the bandh but ultimately the majority decided that the government order looking for land was satisfactory, and could be relied upon before making a formal announcement to suspend the band. Abhinav Sharma, who headed the committee said that Jammu bandh was being suspended because the government had ordered two sites for AIIMS hospital to be chosen in Kashmir, and Jammu. He however said that the movement to set up a full fledged hospital will not be diluted.

Sharma made it clear that if the promise to set up AIIMS in Jammu was not delivered than the people will be forced to restart the agitation as there was no way they would tolerate injustice to the region. He also said that since parliamentary session is on the government has some limitations, and it wants to give time to the union health ministry to conclude the matter.

Earlier, health minister Lal Singh had made the announcement that union health ministry has asked the state government to identify two sites one each in Jammu and Kashmir to set up AIIMS.

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