Barack Obama Honors Kashmiri Pandit woman – Pravahini Bradoo

In a matter of pride for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pravahini Bradoo, a Kashmiri born woman has been honored by American president Barack Obama for her innovative and path-leading start up. With the award, She has also generated funds of 35 million for her venture.

Image Courtesy: Google
Image Courtesy: Google

Pravahini Bradoo, who has started California-based firm BlueOak resources has been honored by the US President for creating a process for extracting gold, silver, copper, palladium and other valuable metals out of electronic waste (e-waste). According to the President, such startups have had a major impact on people’s lives.

Born in Kashmir, grew up in Oman, Pravahini has completed PhD her in Developmental Neuroscience from the University of Auckland. She was as a Fulbright Scholar in her MBA from Harvard University where she tried bridging the gap between the world of science and Business.

After completing her studies, Pravahini started working in Boston Consulting Group and before starting her own venture, she has also worked in Mascoma, Khosla-funded biofuels start-up based in Cambridge, MA.

Image Courtesy: Google
Image Courtesy: Google

Her Company BlueOak resources is an electronics recycling firm that harvests the valuable precious metals out of old smartphones and TVs. BlueOak excels in building low-cost and environmentally friendly refineries to recycle critical metals from e-waste. The company’s partners in the venture include the Arkansas Teachers’ Retirement Fund, a consortium of European and domestic investors, and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Their flagship refinery is located in Osceola, Arkansas.

On receiving funds from The White House, the company will work with electronics recycling organizations that collect discarded or broken computers, smartphones and other electronic gadgets from both companies and consumers. After the initial dismantling by those recyclers, BlueOak’s facility will break down the components even more. The process will harvest valuable precious metals out of old smart phones and TVs and other electronics.

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