Basant Rath effect in Kashmir : Police Vehicle lifted in Heart of City & the Reason is a Lesson for all ?


Basant Rath Wave in Srinagar : Equality before Law, ladies & Gentlemen.

Traffic police today lifted the Police Vehicle of Kothibagh Police station here in Srinagar City for Wrong Parking.

IG Traffic Basant in his Srinagar visit has promised People of Kashmir that “he won’t let them down & he is keeping his Promise.

“I won’t let you (Kashmiri people) down. I will man the traffic. We will have traffic cops at every place where commuters are. Traffic cops will be at Down Town Srinagar because people live there. Some things may take time,” said Basant Rath, the Inspector General of Police (Traffic).

Warning the habitual offenders of severe punishment should they break the law, he said he didn’t spare people who drive in expensive cars or the vehicles provided by the government. “It is important that I Challan the luxurious car owners if they violate traffic rules. That encourages others to follow traffic rules and also my cop to implement the law equally on all,” he said.

He urged people to park cars in areas clearly allotted for the purpose and if anyone didn’t comply with this, the offender would be punished. “We always blame narrow roads and lack of parking spaces for traffic congestion. It is only an excuse. You can look at Jammu, how things changed with the same roads and parking lots.”

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