Talvar does well at the box office sans Justice for Aarushi


-By Citizen Journalist Nitish

It is indeed true that Aarushi case investigation couldn’t have been more botched up than it actually was. It is, undoubtedly, a blot on the Indian police to so shoddily treat an investigation which the entire nation, courtesy the 24×7 entertainment-news channels, followed so closely.

With the lead actor Konkana playing Nupur Talwar (accused) and the heavy weight Irrfan Khan playing the CBI officer who had in his investigation given a clean chit to Talwars, one thing is clear that the film decisively (and perhaps unabashedly) portrays the ‘accused’ as ‘victims’.

Ms. Meghna Gulzar (writer/director) wants us to believe that the child was killed by the domestic servants and not Talwars themselves. Now this hypothesis is contrary to the ‘version’ of UP police and the second CBI team. Importantly, this version has also stood the scrutiny of the Court and that’s why Talwars were convicted.

I also don’t know whether, because of the success of this film, Talwars will get the justice or not but one thing is pretty sure that they will soon get the RELIEF from some superior court. After all, courts are also part of the same society and the so called national consciousness plays a role in jurisprudence…at least in India it does.

Amidst this conundrum, what pains me the most is that, the poor child Arushi didn’t get any justice from any quarters – police, CBI, court and unfortunately even this 100cr plus Bollywood drama fails her.

May the supremest court deliver her the justice which the mortal earthly creatures couldn’t.

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