Bawe wali Mata priest caught selling temple goats



The priest of the Bawe wali Mata was caught by police for selling temple goats. The matter has created a row around the city since last night. On Tuesday, two men were caught with goats and the locals who suspected them to have bought the goats for religious offerings, investigated the matter.

When the police reached the location after being informed by the locals, two culprits, Aadil Chaudhary and Fakir Mohammad were arrested. The locals thereafter demonstrated a protest in front of the main gate of the temple from 12 PM to 6 PM against the temple priest, Mahant Bitta. DSP, Rafiq Manhas, who was present at the location, informed that the two accused, are being investigated. “Strict action will be taken against the two,” he added.

Protestors informed that the two had taken goats thrice already, in an auto rickshaw on Tuesday night. When they were about to ferry 12 more goats, the locals who were suspecting the whole scenario, started investigating them.

Further investigation was carried on by the S.H.O  Bawe and S.D.P.O Trikuta Nagar, and the culprits admitted that they were sold the goats by Mahant Bitta for 25 thousand rupees. The temple priest however, refused to admit that he had been selling the goats to the culprit, who he claims to be his servant. The police reached the residence of the culprits, late night, to repossess the goats. The agitated locals have been protesting that the incident has hurt their religious sentiments and strict action should be taken against all who are involved in the illegal scandal.


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