Bawe wali Mata priest scandal update


Chaos prevailed in Bawe wali Mata temple on Tuesday night, when some locals intercepted two people allegedly carrying sacred goats. On the directions of DGP, SSP Uttam Chand visited the spot for more investigation. Apart from the two accused, a few locals have also been investigated by the police. However, the two accused are under arrest

On Tuesday night, two persons were caught ferrying 12 goats in an auto rickshaw after the locals started suspected the whole scenario. The incident was followed by demonstration of a protest by the raged locals. The police reached the spot around 2 AM and tried to pacify the angry mob.  Both the accused were arrested, however, the people continued to protest. The main entry to the temple was also blocked by the protestors. They demanded the arrest of the temple priest Mahant Bitta for illegally smuggling the temple goats to a butcher. The SSP has assured to conduct a fair investigation and strict action will be taken against the culprits.

The yatra resumed after the crowd started dispersing around 6 AM.