“Bawe Wali Mata Temple” The history of most sacred place in Jammu


Bave Wali Mata temple is the pious place in Jammu. It is built within the premises on Bahu Fort and is considered as the most sacred and mighty shrines of Jammu city. The shrine has a black coloured Idol of the Goddess Mahakali. A number of devotees visits the temple to seek the blessing of the Kali Mata and to soak the spiritual aura of the region. Bave Wali Mata is the presiding Goddess of Jammu.

People of Jammu have a strong belief that Bave Wali Mata is always protecting Jammu city from external threats and dangers. There are many stories regarding this belief. It is believed that when Jammu city came under air attack during 1965 and 1971 by Pakistan Air Force no harm was done to the city because pilots were not able to see anything but huge empty ground and a young little girl holding an earthen lit lamp.

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Another story that locals believe is that when PAF pilots were throwing bombs on to the city kept falling in the lap of a lady who had held her arms open to receive the falling bombs.

Jammuites believe that Bave Wali Mata has been the protecting Jammu region for more than 3000 yrs.

Facts about Kali Mata Mandir

1: The temple was built during 8th century in 1822.

2: The Temple was constructed by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago.

3: Mahakali temple dates back to 3400 BC, and is one of the oldest temples in India together with Mahamaya Temple in Bahu Rakh.

4: The black stone symbolizes goddess Mahakali and is said to have been got from Ayodhya by the kings belonging to the solar dynasty, Raja Bahu Lochan and Raja Jambu.

5: The temple of Mahakali and the deity of this temple is regarded second only to Goddess Vaishno Devi if mystical power is taken into account.

6: Every Sunday and Tuesday, a huge number of pilgrims come to this temple and take part in “Tawi flowing worship”.

7: The temple was renovated in 19th century by the Dogra rulers.

8: Ritual of animal sacrifice known as “Shilly Charana” was practiced in the past but nowadays temple priests only perform a few rituals and sprinkles holy water over animals before setting it free as a symbolic rendition of the sacrifice.

9: Devote believe that Mata Kali protect Jammu form Pakistan air strikes.

10: Temple premises are home to large number of monkeys.

11: Bahu Mela is organized during Navratri twice a year.