Be a Citizen Journalist: Get involved


 How can I get involved?

Register at U4U Voice, and interact with fellow residents on topics you are informed about. Tell us what kind of stories you would like to see covered, and alert us to happenings that matter. Support us by spreading the word – recommend our site or specific articles to your friends.

Can I write for you?

We encourage citizen journalism as it is heart and soul of the site, especially on community affairs and local topics. A community news publication for the state would be incomplete without citizen reporting.

If you are informed about a local public matter or event or issue and would like to raise awareness about it, please register and send in your article.

 What sort of articles can I write?

Write on subjects you care about. Write what will be useful or interesting for others to know. Ensure your article fits the scope of U4U Voice – i.e. state, issue oriented and community focussed topics.

 What kind of alerts or story ideas can I send?

We look for ideas for stories that citizens will find useful or enjoyable. Sometimes there is no point writing about the obvious. For example, enough stories have been written about the traffic situation. But if you have a particular angle about an issue that has not been covered, or a lead about somebody who is working to solve a problem, tell us.

 Is U4U Voice neutral?

U4U Voice is biased in favour of the public interest.  We will carry opinions on policy for the state and localities and rural areas. In reviewing these, we will be open to well-argued and well-substantiated positions. Arguments in our journalism will be substantiated with information that is every citizen’s right to know.

  What is U4U Voice ?

 U4U Voice is a J&K based citizen-oriented news publication, covering city public affairs, community and culture. Our in-depth stories on the serious issues of J&K and coverage of our cities vibrant activities scene will help you understand the changing nature of our state in an in-depth manner.

Why take the initiative?

The idea is to empower people, and let them decide what is important news for them. It also gives a chance to people to express their views and ideas.