Be ready to pay more fees in Private Schools

Jammu, December 30: In order to keep a check on the exorbitant amount of tuition fee being charged by private educational institutions in the name of providing quality education, the state government had constituted a Fee Fixation Committee (FFC) but it had failed miserably in performing its duty as the private school in Jammu and Kashmir continued to fleece parents.
It is pertinent to mention here, High Court on October 3, 2012, had directed the state government that a fee fixation committee be constituted for the fixation of fee structure of private educational institutions in J&K after which a panel had been constituted which includes Hakim Imtiyaz Hussain (retd) and two other members — Kaneez Fatima and Showkat Ahmad Peer.
As reported by a local daily, there are more than 60 such cases has been registered with FFC and a notice has also been issued to private schools not to enhance fee in the new academic session. These cases of charging of exorbitant fee are not just limited to Private schools situated in the city but there are institutes in the outskirts that are also charging huge amounts as tuition fee.
Sources say that these that schools earned crores of rupees in fees but do not provide necessary facilities to the students. Only a that schools earned crores of rupees in fees, but the facilities which are to be provided to the students did not exist at all.
As told by the Chairman of FFC, , Justice Hakim Imtiyaz Husain (retd), chairman, “all private schools had been told to submit details of their income and expenditure over the last three years.” However, nothing has been done after that.