Beat the summer heat: Make your own AC cooler in 4 simple steps


#1 Materials needed

  • A box – preferably made styrofoam or plastic but not cardboard

  • A small table fan or instrumental fan

  • A PVC tube

  • Tools like blade, glue etc


#2 Box surgery

  • Cut two holes in the box on the top lid few inches apart from each other.

  • Make sure the size of the hole can perfectly fit the fan and the PVC tube.


#3 Fitting

  • Place the fan in the hole and fix it.

  • Insert the PVC pipe into the hole respectively.



#4 It’s done

  • Place an ice cube inside the box. One can also use plastic bottles with frozen ice.

  • Switch on the fan.


The jugaad AC is operational now. One can definitely feel a considerable difference in the air temperature. So, discover the engineer in you and build you own AC to beat the summers. And of course, improvisations are encouraged.