Beef ban continues to haunt state government

Srinagar, September 29:  The debate over implication of beef ban in the state or its revocation has become a big problem for the government.

The controversy has virtually divided Jammu and Kashmir on communal lines. While one section seeks strict compliance with existing laws on ban on cow slaughter and beef sale, the  other section opposes the  beef  ban order and termed the  recent High Court order as interference in human rights of eating food.

Admitting a writ petition challenging the constitutional validity of penal sections (298 A to D), the high court is yet to formulate a response over the petition in the hearing to be held on October 2nd.  The court had issued a notice to the state government on September 16 and made it clear that the pendency of the petition was not a bar for the state or the legislature to scrap or amend the controversial sections.

The state government is yet to decide its stand on the controversial beef ban even after the  expiry of notice period given by the court and delay of a one more week. The government has failed miserably in responding to the notice of the high court whether it want to scrap or retain these controversial penal sections.

Moreover, the debate has created a divide among both the coalition partners of the state government, PDP and BJP. While the BJP is of the view that the Bill must be rejected out rightly, the PDP, on the other hand, argued that the decision should be taken by going through the rule book.

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