Beef Ban Row: BJP miffed over Sacking of two AG officials

JAMMU: The sacking of two senior officials over beef controversy in Jammu has lead to a political humdrum with BJP’s National leaders opposing the move made by the J&K government.

The two BJP delegates, National General Secretary, BJP, Ram Madhav and Bjp National Vice-President Avinash Rai Khanna who were on a review trip to Jammu interacted with party MLAs and took into view the functioning of government. reacting over the Beef Ban Row, Khanna,  who is also in charge of the state unit of BJP, asserted that the decision to sack lawyers has some hidden malafied intentions. He also said that the they were not approached before making the decision to sack the .

State Government on Tuesday ordered for disengagement of Additional Advocate General, Jammu, Vishal Sharma and Deputy Advocate General, Jammu Parimoksh Seth with immediate effect.

The order came two weeks after Sharma, representing state government  filed a Public Interest Litigation, in High Court Jammu seeking a ban on bovine slaughter and sale of beef. While the lawyers were given two weeks time to withdraw the petition, they didn’t seem to budge away, which thus, led to inexplicable sacking order by the government.

In a sly remark by Khanna, he attacked the other half of the coalition charging them of raking up a contentious issue and reaching the conclusion without any consultations with the BJP members. He has given a commitment that the issue will be dealt with in a suitable manner after a strategic outlook of the sensitive issue concerning the state.

Meanwhile, the Chief Architect of BJP-PDP coalition, Ram Madhav kept away from making any remarks on the emerging cracks in government functioning. While it is clear by now, that the two parties have different stands on most issues, the need for consultation before reaching to a decision cannot be ruled out. Though BJP is utterly furious on the recent sacking concerning Beef Ban in Jammu and Kashmir they are taking one step at a time. Ram Madhav though, assured that the issues between two parties will be sorted, stating that the very crux of party formation was Common Minimum Program and any deviation from the agenda will do no good to the coalition.

Amid the controversy, PDP on Wednesday called for an all party meet where in Mufti warned party leaders and legislators to keep away from making any preposterous remarks on the Beef Ban controversy. He said that party members should not be affected by “small hiccups”. He claimed that PDP will take required actions where required and that it will not compromise on party agenda. Had the party been over-reacting on such petty issues, the coalition would have ended way earlier, he said. He also edified the members that though coalition is seeking to complete its full term, it will never do so at the cost of giving up party ethics and agenda. He asked party leaders to control their horns for some things are better left unheard. “I am not in habit of knee-jerk reactions”, he added.

The coalition has reached a simmering  situation which is same as that of India-Pak. Howsoever, friendly relations they try to maintain, the ties only seem to be worsening with time.

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