Beer shortage hits retailers in Punjab


Punjab:In North India, beer is arguably the most preferred beverage during peak summer when the temperature hovers around 45 degrees in the months of May and June. While the supply and sale for the beverage witnesses a huge surge in most Indian states during summers, the state of Punjab is facing a rather ‘dry’ situation.

Popular brands of beer, both Indian and imported, are either unavailable or extremely short in supply in many parts of the state.

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Beer sales usually increase by 30% during the summer season but liquor retails shops in Punjab are reporting inadequate stock to serve customers. As a result, beer drinkers are scrambling for the brands that are available in short supply. Brands like Carlsberg, Heineken, and Kingfisher, which are very popular in Punjab, are not available in the market, liquor trader Harish Kumar told the newspaper.

“On average, there is per day demand of around 15,000 bottles of beer in Bhatinda city during the summer season. Due to the shortage, vendors have little to sell,” said Harish Kumar.

Many traders said the unavailability is hurting their business as revenue generated from beer has plummeted drastically.

“During the peak summer season, beer is in demand and traders don’t have much to sell as most of the popular brands are either not available or are in short supply,” Liquor vendor Gaurav Jain told TOI

Vendors and liquor traders attributed the shortage to delay in the approval of labels due to the Lok Sabha elections.