Behaviourceutical: A sketch note on positive health style


Behaviourceutical: A sketch note on positive health style

One’s own behaviour and acquired habits can make or mar his or her health. The research in neuro-science has established that certain daily life activities produce the right kind of brain chemicals and neural networks to give a feeling of joy.

Certain hobbies combining physical and creative actions work as behaviourceutical treatment b that activates the motor and reward areas of the brain to produce dopamine which is the joy giving chemical.

Therefore, pick up a hobby and make it a habit. Gardening is a common hobby that an be easily cultivated. Pursue the hobby for half an hour in the morning and evening to keep yourself joyful. Another habit one can acquire is spend sometime with person whom you revere and hold in high esteem to listen to him and her.


Read the sketch note to get aware of the the importance of behaviourceutical and select a hobby to cultivate and make it a habit and make your brain a tool of happy or joyful life.

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