Being a Group Admin on Whatsapp Can land You in Jail, Here’s Why ?

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Are you one of those who forward lots of messages or are a group admin on Whatsapp? Forwarding messages without verifying or hate messages in your group can land you in big trouble.

A 21-year-old group administrator on WhatsApp learned this the hard way when he was caught by police for just following an alleged objectionable message posted in the group by a member.

The youth is behind bars for the last five months over a WhatsApp forward.

Junaid Khan from Talen town in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh was booked under IT Act and 124 A (sedition) IPC on February 14 this year for being the admin of a WhatsApp in which a member, Irfan, posted an objectionable anti-national message.

Some people took strong objection to it and filed a police complaint against Irfan and the admin Junaid.

Acting on the complaint, the police summoned the boy and the then group administrator, Raja Gurjar. However, Gurjar had left the WhatsApp group.

Two more members then became administrators as per the sequence of their membership, but they also quit the group subsequently.

“Finally, Junaid became the group administrator as per the policy of the social media platform,” a family member of Junaid claimed.

The 17-year-old boy is in remand home since Feb 14, while Junaid is in jail since then.

Junaid, a second-year B.Sc student, has missed his exams as court has also denied bail to him due to serious sedition charges against him.

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