Benefits of onion for Health


Below are a few well known health benefits of onionsBelow are a few well known health benefits of onions

*Onions have anti-biotic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and carminative properties to help you stay away from infections.

*It is an immediate cure for fever, common cold, cough, sore throat, allergies etc. A mixture of onion juice and honey can cure these problems easily.

*A small piece of onion can work against side effects of fever if it’s kept on the fore head.


*A small piece of onion when inhaled can stop or slow down the bleeding through the nose.

*An onion a day can cure insomnia or sleeping disorders. This will surely give you a good night sleep.

*Onions can improve digestive system. If you have digestion problem, then onions can cure it by increasing the release of digestion juices.

*Onion juice can cure burnt skin or an insect bite or a bee bite. It may burn more but it can heal it very effectively.

*Onions can be used to prevent cancers. It works against head, neck and colon cancers.

*You can protect yourself from Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis by consuming onions daily.

*Onions increases insulin in the body and also treats diabetes by controlling the sugar levels in the blood.

*The bad cholesterol that causes heart problems can be burnt or removed if onions are consumed daily. It keeps you stay safe from the coronary diseases and also protects the good cholesterol.

* For good memory and strong nervous system, consuming onions is your best bet.

* Onions cure menstrual disorders. Raw onions should be consumed before a few days at the beginning of your cycle.