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Best Bride Ever; asks for 10000 saplings as her Wedding gift

Bhind, Madhya Pradesh: In a peculiar case from Kishupura Village, Priyanka Badodaria, a Graduate Student, asked for about 10,000 plants along with the wedding dress from her in-laws. Her love for plants was respected by her To-be family and they agreed to it. So much so that she got married on the ‘Earth Day’.

Priyanka is the daughter of a farmer, Rajesh Badodaria from Ater Tehsil, Kishupura Village. She has two elder brothers and is the only daughter of her parents. According to her parents, she was always fond of plants as a child and would always be excited to get her hands dirty with mud. When she got enrolled in college, she took over the responsibility of beautification of the Rajendra Park situated in the Vegetable Market of that area.

When asked about how she would work with the 10,000 plants that she will be getting from her In-Laws, she clearly mentioned that she would plant 5000 in and around her parents house and the other 5000 at her In-Laws house.

Priyanka got married to Ravi Chauhan, who is an army officer, living in the Jalaun district in UP. She had already planned about how she would be doing what she wanted to do. The plants in her list include both shade-giving and fruit bearing plants.  She also told that she planted her first tree when she was just 10 years old. And getting married on the Earth Day is something that made her even more happy. Her husband is really proud of her since she has decided to do something for the environment and is so thoughtful when most people don’t bother much.

We need many more like Priyanka so that the already degrading environment can be saved.

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