Beware motorists in Jammu: Don’t drive without helmets, license as traffic police is set for special drive


Traffic 2Motorists in Jammu and Kashmir who hate wearing the helmets are set to face stiff penalty as traffic police has made it mandatory even for the pillion rider to wear a helmet. Taking into view the increase in fatal accidents involving two-wheeler drivers, the traffic police is going to launch a special drive to enforce the helmet rule.

In case the motorists are not wearing helmets then the main rider, and pillion rider will be subjected to road safety education education and counseling class as well as fine as prescribed by the law. The traffic police has also warned of strict action against those driving without driving licenses, and special focus would be on drivers without valid licenses. In case a person is caught driving without a driving license, the vehicles will be impounded, and handed over only to someone who has license. A person having learner licence can not drive a two-wheeler with a pillion rider, so Jammuites beware of impending action of the traffic police during the special drive. Don’t drive without a helmet, and license-in short, drive safe.

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