Beware of post-flood diseases: Bhupinder Singh


Beware of post-flood diseases Bhupinder SinghProminent Social worker and SSP (retd.) Bhupinder Singh paid the visit to oversee the relief work being carried out by the various government and non-government agencies.

Speaking to the Locals, Singh said, “The immediate concern for the region is the approaching winter and post-flood diseases. Within the next couple of weeks, the temperature in the region will plummet down. There is an urgent need for safe and warm shelters for the survivors before the harsh winter sets in,” said the former SSP, who along with Public Relations Commission Managing Director Nimrandeep Singh interacted with the dislocated families and children in RS Pura, Samba and Akhnoor Sector.
“We hope the victims get proper shelters and medical facility on time. Public Realtions Commission will keep track of government’s efforts,” Singh said.
Although the public attention is normally paid to the risk of physical property destruction caused by floods, it is strongly suggested that each of us remembers and practices some basic precautions to prevent possible diseases and injuries during and after flooding and to maintain good health during the repercussion of floods.
Singh urged State government and specially to health department to issue the guidelines for post-flood diseases .As floods can potentially increase the transmission of the various communicable diseases like Water-borne diseases, such as typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis A and Vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever .
Beware of post-flood diseases Bhupinder Singh (2)The major risk factor for outbreaks associated with flooding is the contamination of drinking-water facilities, the risk of outbreaks can be minimized if the risk is well recognized and disaster-response addresses the provision of clean water as a priority.
There should also be a stock of basic medicines, such as those for fever, diarrhea and headaches, as well as electrolyte solution.
Of course, the goal of all of these measures is to prevent any of us from succumbing to post-flood diseases, which can occur at anytime. Stay healthy!

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