Beware of post-flood diseases: Bhupinder Singh

Beware of post-flood diseases Bhupinder SinghProminent Social worker and SSP (retd.) Bhupinder Singh paid the visit to oversee the relief work being carried out by the various government and non-government agencies.

Beware of post-flood diseases Bhupinder Singh (2)The major risk factor for outbreaks associated with flooding is the contamination of drinking-water facilities, the risk of outbreaks can be minimized if the risk is well recognized and disaster-response addresses the provision of clean water as a priority.
There should also be a stock of basic medicines, such as those for fever, diarrhea and headaches, as well as electrolyte solution.
Of course, the goal of all of these measures is to prevent any of us from succumbing to post-flood diseases, which can occur at anytime. Stay healthy!

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