BFDC raises the issue of commercialization of Bawe Wali Mata


Jammu, October 1: Bahu Fort Development Committee (BFDC) has rued Bawe Wail Mata temple management for playing with emotions pilgrims and commercialization of the shrine. In a statement, Raghav Mahajan, General Secretary BFDC expressed resentment against the management for installing donation box in every nook and corner of the temple premises to exploit devotees.

He alleged that the temple priests charge special ‘Dakshina’ (donation) for tying scared thread on arm, applying Tilak on forehead.

He added rates have been fixed to sit in Havans, for Purnahuti or for prashad (offering) and temple management  has become more or less as a family enterprise.

Mahajan said that like fraud business enterprises devotees have been cheated on the name of Langar (community kitchen).

“Items used in langar, including grocery are donated by traders of Jammu but temple management mint huge money by other devotees, who wish to donate funds for langar,” he said.

“On an average Pujaris take money from 10 devotees for a single Langar when the items are already donated by traders,” he said.

Pointing fingers at the quality of Prashad (Halwa), Mahajan alleged that the temple management took money for preparing pure desi ghee halwa but are actually only using desi ghee as spray.

He added management has also constructed several new temples inside the shrine, which degrades the sanctity of the original shrine.

Reiterating its years old demand, BFDC appealed to the deputy commissioner Jammu to start process of establishing Shrine Board for Mata Maha Kali Temple (Bawe Wali Mata) so that devotees get better facilities.

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