Bhim Singh advised power hungry BJP not to exploit women under RSS banners


Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee and champion of reorganization of Maharaja’s United Jammu and Kashmir to ensure equity, rule of law and equality to all in the old Dogra ruled state of J&K today conveyed a polite advice to the so-called Governors of J&K who remained affiliated with RSS flock preaching division and friction among the secular society of J&K to not to exploit the innocent women folk in the name of their power hunger in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh while reacting on a news item in some newspapers of J&K that some RSS women equipped with swords were marching in the streets of Dogra City of Jammu on Monday, 4th July, 2016. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the RSS sponsors that that Raja Jambulochan founded the Dogra city of Jammu in a jungle when he found that a lion and a goat were drinking water from the same pond. That was the beauty and grace of the decision of Raja Jambulochan that Dogra City of Jammu was founded some 5000 years ago which has been transcending the message of human love and glory of man by taking over a procession to the streets of Jammu for peace, human love, non-violence and development were excellent. But giving swords in the hands of young budding women students and that too in the city of temples which have been transcending the message of human love and mutual co-existence for centuries has definitely given a wrong message about the great traditions and human fraternity of the Dogras for whom this Jammu City was founded by Raja Jambulochan.

Prof.Bhim Singh advised the BJP leaders to learn the art of ruling and looting from their Congress-NC brethren so that the human values and people’s commitment to human love and faith in the rule of nature continues intact in spite of several ups and downs witnessed by the great Jambu City of Raja Jambulochan.

Prof.Bhim Singh hoped that RSS leadership shall express its apology and shall dare not repeat such scenes in the public any more lest they stand exposed in their own society as the people of Dogra land are committed to human dignity, peace and centuries old brotherhood. Prof.Bhim Singh said that, “In democracy to rule of law works and rule of law is always available when human love and dignity is there. Swords have no meaning in democracy. The RSS leadership should apologize.”

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