Bhim Singh’s son Ankit fighting London Mayor’s elections, calls himself ‘Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir’

Panther Party’s chief Bhim Singh’s son who calls him ‘Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir’ is fighting the Mayor’s election of London. Ankit Love, the son of Bhim Singh is a musician, and an artist who describes himself as a filmmaker and founder of Ankit Love Productions. He also describes himself as ‘His Highness the Emperor of Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir’.

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Bhim SIngh's son Maharaja of Jammu Kashmir

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Ankit grew up in Surrey and is fighting the London Mayor’s election having grown up in Surrey. His claim to fame in the art world is that his short film Runners and andother Whale were shown at the Cannes Film festival in 2012. Like his maverick father Bhim Singh, who is known for his mercurial antics, Ankit set up his ‘One Love Party’ at Cambridge University to spread peace. Finn Grant was his partner in the launch of the party that claims to be the least funded but best-looking party. Ankit is confident of victory in the Mayoral poll but political watchers said that little is known about his party in the city.

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Ankit and his party plan to fight pollution in London, push green causes set up Hydrogen fuel station, and ensure free higher education. Born in 1983, Ankit says he was named love because his mother wanted him to spread lover, and he shifted to UK in 1989 for security reasons due to his family’s politics in Jammu and Kashmir. His father Bhim Singh, however is not amused by the decision to join politics as this profession had ruined the
family, claimed Singh. About Ankit calling himself Maharajah, Singh believes he want to attract the attention of the world to unfinished agenda of Jammu and Kashmir.

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