BIG EXPOSE on Mehbooba Muti: Release of Top Secret Documents Put J&K CM in Tight Spot (Watch Video)




By: Advocate Ankur Sharma (9622257548)

CM leading an Islamo-Fascist campaign of Demographic Invasion: Ankur Sharma


Mehbooba insulates Tribal land grabbers, Bovine smugglers/Cow Slaughterers from penal action:


Jammu, March 7, 2018: It is now visibly clear that Chief Minister of the state has chosen to spearhead a bigoted, Communal, Islamo-Fascist campaign of demographic change in Jammu province and is instrumental in inflicting open injuries to the Hindu-Sikh/Dogra sentiments in the state.

The decisions taken by the Chief Minister; J&K in a recently held meeting dated 14.02.2018 of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs presided by the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti are clearly aimed not only to provide administrative immunity to the land grabbers and bovine smugglers of particular religion in Jammu province but, also an open invitation/encouragement to occupy and grab more lands in Jammu without fear of law and indulge with impunity in Bovine Smuggling and slaughter.

He said that as per the minutes of the meeting held on 14.02.18 under the Chairpersonship of the CM J&K, following decisions have been taken which seem to be driven by an Majoritarian, Islamo-Fascist, Hegemonic agenda of destroying the demography and cultural identity of Hindus/Sikhs/Dogras of Jammu province. Following decisions have been taken by Mehbooba Mufti (CM; J&K) in this meeting:

1) The CM directed the IGP Jammu, Police Authorities and all the Deputy Commissioners not to provide any police protection for eviction of tribals without the approval obtained from Tribal Affairs Department. This essentially means that the provisions of CrPC, RPC, Land Revenue Act, and other penal laws of the criminal justice system shall not be invoked against the tribals( Gujjar/Bakarwals) even if they commit a crime under the express provisions of these penal laws.

2) The Chief Minister directed the officers that till a formal tribal policy is formulated and issued, tribal population shall not be disturbed/ dislocated. In case it becomes absolutely necessary to dislocate any member or family of tribal population, the same should be done in prior consultation with the Tribal Affairs Department. This essentially means that all those tribals who are infamous for encroaching state, forest, and private lands especially in Hindu dominated areas will be able to do it with impunity and active support of the State machinery backed by the Chief Minister herself.

3) The CM directed the authorities that given the misuse of section 188 RPC and Animal Cruelty Act against the tribals in a situation when animal rearing is their profession and they are required to transport their animals from one place to another, the authorities should take due care while dealing with such cases. This essentially means that tribals who are infamous for carrying out bovine smuggling and cow slaughter will be able to do it with impunity, without fear given the active backing of Mehbooba Mufti.

These decisions brazenly and unequivocally insulate all those tribals who are illegally in possession of government or private lands as well as those who indulge in bovine smuggling from any action from the government. These decisions also provide immunity to all those tribals who intend to capture government as well as private lands in the future.

It is a well-known fact that the fraudulent grab of government lands as well as private lands in Jammu has been done primarily by members of one community. Nobody has any doubt that Roshni Act was brought into force to accelerate the demographic change of Jammu province. The intervention of the Chief Minister to provide immunity to those who have already grabbed the lands and also to those who intend to do so in future is not only illegal, criminal but driven by communal fascist motivations.

Hindus of Jammu can no longer be hoodwinked and are well aware that an Islamist agenda is unfolding fast in the Jammu region spearheaded by Chief Minister of the State. Hindus/Sikhs/Dogras of Jammu are face to face with a war like situation endangering their cultural and religious identity. They cannot overlook the various dimensions of the demographic assault on Jammu which started with ethnic cleansing of Hindus from the valley; funded and subsidized colonization of Jammu, Kathua, Samba, Udhampur; regularizing fraudulent land grab through Roshni Act, denial of Minority Rights to Non-Muslims of J&K; planned settling of illegal immigrants (Rohingyas & Bangladeshi Muslims) in Jammu, Induced Migration of Muslims from Kashmir and encouragement to grab more lands without the threat of any governmental action.