Big Scam unearthed by U4UVoice team




Jammu — In a startling revelation, products of Indian Rail catering service are being sold at grocery stores and food junctions. The products offered by the IRCTC for the purpose of sale to consumers on railway platforms and passenger in trains are being sold to general public in residential areas that suggest discrepancy in the system and corruption on behalf of IRCTC officials and wholesalers for the purpose of earning extra profit margin.


The matter came to light when a citizen named, Navneet Misra, who had ordered food (Paranthe) at home received the packet of curd with a mark of ‘IRCTC’ on it. He told U4UVoice, “When I noticed that the curd packet had IRCTC mark on it, I suspected something wrong was going on.” He added, “IRCTC products are to be sold at platforms or train passengers only but this is available to all consumers at food joints.”


U4UVoice team investigated at the food junction located in Gole Market area where we ordered paratha with Dahi. The alleged citizen report was confirmed as the curd packet we received had the mark of IRCTC on it. Upon asking the owner, he said that he is not aware of IRCTC or anything like that. He said that he just received the stuff like any other shop seller and stored in fridge.


It is obvious that this operation has been carried out with the collusion between the IRCTC workers and distributors who are selling IRCTC owned products to general public to gain extra margin. Moreover, this case has emerged in a prominent area like Gandhi nagar which indicates that it must be carried out on a larger -scale in remote areas as well.


This corruption affects the revenue of rail dept which in turn is then compelled to increase fares to compensate its expenses. This is a straightforward example of how corruption harms the economy.


The concerned authorities must look into this and take action to stop this and bring the nexus down. The miscreants must be duly punished accordingly. We must also commend the efforts the citizen who brought the matter to light. To bring positive change, we need more aware citizens.

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