Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Zubair Khan files FIR against Salman Khan, here’s why ?


Mumbai, Oct 09 : Zubair Khan, who was evicted from the house of Bigg Boss 11 on Sunday, has reportedly filed a complaint (FIR) against Salman Khan. Zubair was slammed by Salman on Saturday for his misconduct and use of unparliamentray language. The Bollywood superstar, who looked visibly miffed, was in no mood to spare Zubair who turned out to be one of the most annoying contestants this season.

The Bigg Boss 11 contestant had apparently consumed some pills and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. In the Sunday episode, Salman said that Zubair was recovering well and was fine. Zubair’s eviction was announced on the same day.

Post eviction, Zubair lodged a complaint with the Antop Hill Police Station (which has now got transferred to Lonavla) against the Bollywood superstar.

Zubair claims that Salman threatened him that he would not be able to work in the industry anymore once he leaves the house. The complaint further reads that Salman made statements like “I will make you my dog. Will see you after you leave the home.”

For those who did not follow what exactly happened, Salman lost his cool at Zubair in Bigg Boss 11’s first Weekend Ka Vaar, The reason behind Salman’s attitude or behaviour was the fact that Zubair has been constantly using inappropriate language in the house, especially against women. He has been threatening people to not tick him off as he can be dangerous  and threatening the housemates with his underworld connection, attempted suicide by consuming pills post getting blasted by host Salman Khan in the first Weekend Ka Vaar of the season, aired on Saturday. He was rushed to the hospital and was still in the hospital when his eviction was announced on Sunday’s episode.

While interacting with reporters, Zubair said, “Main Vivek Oberoi nahin hoon…Inshallah main Salman Khan ko …jisko shauq hai logon ki beizzati kerne ka… teri report nikaloonga…main tereko challenge kerta hoon..teri report toh humare paas hai…”

Zubair said that he will drag Salman to court for insulting him on national television and causing mental torture.

 Some media reports even suggest that Zubair, who claimed to be a relative of Dawood Ibrahim, had apparently lied about his true identify.

Talking to reporters, Zubair said that had he not attempted suicide, he wouldn’t have been able to come out of the house. He also denied reports that he was related to Dawood and his family. However, in the promo which was released ahead of the show’s launch, Zubair had said, “underworld mera nikah zaroor hua hai…lekin maine apni pehchan khud banayi hai.”

Zubair also revealed that he does undercover reporting and is a part of journalists’ fraternity.


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