Bigg Boss contestant Pooja Mishra assaults Hotel Staff

It goes without saying that reality shows are interesting only because they are filled with weirdos. Even as these shows are scripted, they make tons of money and attract a huge following, a following which will go at war to disagree with you debating that the show is not scripted at all.

That, anyway, is a discussion for another day. Here is a new video of the Bigg Boss contestant from Season 5, Pooja Mishra, who is infamous for checking in to fancy hotels for days and weeks together and then using one excuse or the other to threaten the hotel staff into not paying for the duration of her stay. In this video too, Mishra is screaming at hotel staff who are trying to prevent her from leaving the premises for not having paid her bills.

She points fingers at one of the staff and alleges, “you are the one who was trying to touch me!”



This is another video featuring Mishra where she accuses the hotel staff of having spiked her drink and raping her. The allegations were never proven and Mishra faced quite a lot of embarrassment. Not that anyone cares or remembers Pooja Mishra per se, but her stunts to hog some limelight do pay out.