Bihar lifts are small, such fat men should not enter a lift here

BJP President Amit Shah and three other senior party leaders were trapped inside a lift of the state guest house in Bihar for around 40 minutes, an incident which triggered a blame game between the saffron party and the Nitish Kumar government which attributed it to overloading.

“The lift got stuck between the two floors and its metal doors also got jammed at around 11.30 PM last night. There was no lift operator around or person capable of handling such an emergency. The mobile phones of those trapped inside were also out of range as they were in a closed box,” BJP state President Mangal Pandey said.

The incident happened when Shah was going from the ground floor of the state guest house to the first floor along with party in-charge for Bihar Bhupendra Yadav, Secretary Nagendra and General Secretary Saudan Singh and a couple of security personnel.

Former Centre Minister, Lalu Yadav did not miss the opportunity and went on to call Shah fat. He further said, Bihar lifts are small and not for fat people

Video Courtesy – The Quint



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