Bizarre : Model gets ‘rape threats’ for posing with natural body hair


In what is sadly a trend that seems to be picking up on social media, many actors such as Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Esha Gupta to name a few were body-shamed and trolled on social media recently.

The reason being — some of them chose to wear what they wanted to fearlessly, while others seemed ‘too thin’ to the abusers. Guess what? It is not just actors closer home who are subjected to hate online for being unapologetically their true selves. A Swedish model Arvida Bystrom recently made headlines for posing for an advertisement with unshaven legs and hell broke loose thereafter.

So much was the hatred that her body hair generated, that people even resorted to sending her rape threats!

The 26-year-old posted a picture of her in a pink dress and grey sneakers as she posed for Adidas Originals on her Instagram account. While a quick look through her account would show how she has always managed to advocate body positivity without being apologetic about body hair, Bystrom took to Instagram to share how she got a lot of nasty comments, including rape threats, after she posed for the ad.

Interestingly, when even waxing and hair-removal creams’ advertisements show women applying the wax paper on or shaving already shaven legs — showing society’s obsession with stereotyping women, the ad comes as a morale booster, no less, for women across the world.

While she thanked her followers for sending her love, she was stunned by the extent to many were disturbed after seeing “a lil leg hair”.


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