BJP to abandon demand on Article 370 provided PDP agrees to the demand of delimitation


The contentious issues of the state are yet to be resolved by the two allies even though formation of government is expected by mid february. While the speculations have conveyed that Jammu and Kashmir is to see the new government by mid February, the consensus of certain core issues is yet to be framed.

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The Common Minimum Program is still a few steps away from finalization as both the parties are stiff on their stand on the arguable issues. The National General Secretary of the BJP, Ram Madhav has said that the leaders are deliberating on all the issues to bring the two together on the same page. The CMP will incorporate all the issues we agree upon.  “However, certain issues are there that the two parties differ at and we will be excluding those divergent issues from the CMP,” he said adding that the government will soon be formed.

Delimitation commission to cease the injustice being faced by the Jammu, citizen rights for the West Pak refugees, revocation of AFSPA and dialogue with the neighbor country Pakistan and separatist leaders are the issues that are yet to be terminated on a mutual ground. Reportedly the BJP is ready to abandon its demand on Article 370 provided the PDP agrees on the citizenship rights and delimitation commission. PDP however is adamant on its demand of revocation of AFSPA and dialogue with Pakistan and separatist leader. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti had already made their agenda clear on these issues on January 24.

BJP, so far was keeping mum on the issue of Article 370 in its vision document but raised the demand in campaigning, along with the citizenship rights of West Pak refugees. The party has been facing pressure from organization on the core issues. But the mutual CMP would probably be skipping the core issues and would focus on the agreeable issues more.

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