BJP’s draft ready ; Decision on AFSPA to be taken by the new CM, 370 put on back burner


The BJP has drafted a rough document after nearly six weeks of dialogue with the PDP aiming to narrow down the prevalent differences on contentious issues so as to get it assessed by the RSS. After the approval of RSS the document will be forwarded to the PDP before sealing the final deal for the next term.

The CMP is the lone stumbling block left between the two parties, to form the government and the finalization depends on the approval of the document by the PDP leadership too. As soon as the two parties arrive at a consensus, PDP President Mehbooba Mufti would be meeting BJP president Amit Shah.

Reportedly, the document was discussed in a meeting of the BJP senior leaders and the top brass of the RSS. All the prominent RSS workers were present in the meeting including Ramesh Pappa, Prant Parcharak, Parshotam Dadechi and Prant Karwah. BJP veteran Ram Madhav was also present in the crucial meeting held to discuss the issues that were to be incorporated in the document.

Ram Madhav spoke about BJP’s take on the contentious issues which had been keeping the mutual decision of the two parties at bay. The BJP has now agreed to put the demand of abrogation of Article 370 on the back burner to work out the coalition with its ally- PDP. About the revocation of AFSPA, the BJP has decided to put this decision on the new Chief Minister and has also agreed to go soft on the demand of West pak refugees by accepting the term “rehabilitation” for them.


As told by the highly placed sources, the meeting of PDP legislators is to be held today for further discussion.