BJP betrays the Jammu vote bank again



BJP, in the course of seeking power, has been negotiating with the demands of the people of Jammu. After PDP went tough on its agenda, the saffron party eventually started abandoning its core demands for the sake of alliance. The party has once again betrayed the Jammu vote bank by ignoring this region in sanctioning All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

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The NDA government headed by Narendra Modi has sanctioned AIIMS for Kashmir valley, neglecting the Jammu province once again. The people had counted on the BJP because of the poll promises made by the saffron party to end the unjust discrimination faced by the region so far. AIIMS had been a long pending demand of the people of Jammu as the region already lacks good medical facilities, while Kashmir on the other hand already has well established medical institutes like SKIMS. The valley has the provision of world class facilities, while the Jammu region is afflicted with ill functioning medical institutions.

In the Governor’s address, the state government officially admitted that the medical institute has been sanctioned for Kashmir. Since the formation of NDA government in May 2014, the BJP leaders were claiming that the medical institute would be opened in Jammu province to provide better health facilities. A senior leader had been claiming in his public meetings from the past few months that the party has got AIIMS sanctioned for Jammu but now as it has been revealed that the medical institute will be opened in Kashmir, the people are again betrayed with BJP’s shallow promising during the poll campaigns. As per highly places sources, the Kashmir leadership effectively took up the issue of setting up AIIMS in the valley and eventually got it sanctioned, the BJP on the other hand, was busy formulating strategies to get into power. The NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee had announced AIIMS for Jammu, though the proposal couldn’t be materialized at that time.

Now, with the Government claiming the setting up of AIIMS in the valley, the BJP has again left the jammu vote bank in despair.