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Jammu and Kashmir went through a wrecking phase enduring the worst floods of five decades and now the ceasefire violations on the J&K border is leaving the state in despair. Many have been displaced and many have lost more than their livelihood. But under the sheets we can see the united hues of government working together for the same cause. BJP and Congress-two parties at logger’s head with each other, never agreed on any term in the history, now is seen working hand in hand for the measures to be given to the displaced people. Protests are being held for same cause- the ceasefire violations which has ruined more than 160 villages and have displaced more than 35,000 people-has affected the leaders of both parties to the same extent and the protests are being held for mutual concerns.

Both the parties are appreciating the work of government and of the soldiers who are staking their lives to protect people on the borders. A BJP official in context of a protest held by them said, this attempt is a warning to Pakistan from the residents of the state. The old times have disappeared and now its NaMo time which definitely assures a change. Now is the time to answer them back and this is what India is doing. The central government guarantees the replacement of the displaced people, their losses will be compensated and will be brought to an end. Pakistan has intervened like this in the older times too but this time under Modi we will reply them hard. The soldiers are doing a great job securing the nation. Facilities by the state Government should be aided soon so as to bring ease to the migrants. Pakistan has never succeeded in such motives before either and we appreciate how the government is sufficiently playing its role. The protest is to appeal for aid and it will go on. Janta is with the Government and so are we,with them,in any trouble.


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