BJP finally makes home run, party hardens stand; not to compromise to form Govt with PDP

PDP, BJP, CONGRESSThe BJP is finally coming home, and back to its ideology after failing to form the coalition with the PDP which has been making so many new demands that the saffron party including the high command is now exasperated. Sending the signals that BJP was not amenable to the new set of confidence building measures demanded by PDP, the party leaders are now saying that lifting the AFSPA in J&K was not an option with which the party had in view of prevailing security situation. Although both parties are still insisting that coalition is on, and government will be formed soon.

The BJP leadership has realized that accepting the demands of the Mehbooba led party would lead to loss of face as well as support across the country. Already questions are being raised as to how a party which is fighting JNU students over mere slogans could align with PDP which is overtly pro-separatists, and even has a soft corner for Pakistan. It may be recalled that PDP patriarch late Mufti Sayeed had in a recent speech given credit to Pakistan for allowing peaceful elections in J&K which had raised the hackles of the national parties. The release of a top separatist leader Masarrat Alam unilateraly by PDP leadershiip also had strained this relationship. However, the recent demands by Mehbooba to continue the coalition have been particularly problematic for BJP as these are against the very ethos of the party ideology, and it is because of this reason that it is hardening the stand on forming the alliance.

BJP is also under pressure not to compromise because of the recent standoff in JNU where a group of students raised anti-national slogans, and a number of them included Kashmiri students. Prior to this incident, majority of BJP, and RSS leaders were in favour of accepting the demands of PDP, and there was even talk of lifting the AFSPA but the standoff in the university has been a setback for both sides. If BJP agrees to the pre-condition of the Kashmir based party then it would look as if the saffron party was ready to compromise the unity, and integrity of the nation to get power at all costs.

The tone and tenor of BJP leadership has also changed with national level, and state leaders asserting that there would be no talks on AFSPA, and power projects, and focus would be on agenda of alliance, which was signed before forming the coalition government led by Mufti Mohd Sayeed. After weeks of dilly dallying former Deputy CM was forced to say that party will not compromise on AFSPA, and coalition would be formed between two parties on the basis of governance and not on ideology. This was a clear indication that BJP has decided to go its own way if PDP was not ready to show flexibility.