BJP is forming Government in Jammu & Kashmir, Check details here


If Omar Abdullah is to be believed, BJP is again trying to form government in Jammu and Kashmir, by engineering defection in PDP. In an interview to The Hindu former J&K CM said that the BJP is in touch with several MLAs of PDP, to form a new government.

BJP earlier in the month severed ties with PDP claiming that the interests of Jammu and Ladakh weren’t protected by the government alongside several other claims.

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Abdullah is demanding that the Governor should dissolve the Assembly so that horse-trading and ‘ general atmosphere of uncertainty’ end in the state. When asked on what basis is he making such serious claims, Omar Abdullah said that even in the past there were reports that around 15 MLAs may break away from PDP, and ‘ the same forces’ are currently working, according to former CM. 

According to Omar, if the BJP is looking to prop up a new government, it should own up to it, rather than pulling strings from behind. He said that NC won’t be a blind spectator to such manoeuvring.

According to Omar, dissolution of the Assembly is the only feasible solution.

Regarding the Ramzaan ceasefire, Omar Abdullah said that it was a good idea but done without any planning or keeping Pakistan in the confidence, which led to its failure. Omar believes Hurriyat is still a factor in the Valley even though they have lost their credibility to an extent