Will BJP’s opportunistic compromise mark a hopeful chapter in the politics of J&K?



The two parties of J&K have finally come to a conclusion and the day of formation of government is not too distant now. The state will be having a government finally, after the state went through a troubled scenario of governor’s rule and the inability of the parties reaching a conclusion over the government.

Many of the BJP leaders, especially the veteran RSS workers have expressed their displeasure at the fact that BJP is at disposal of PDP and is ready to accept every demand to stay in coalition.  The proposed concessions made by the party are not pleasing many leaders as well as the public. BJP is known to be stiff on its agenda of Hinduism and surrendering unconditionally to the Kashmir centric party is unexpected of the right wing party. The surrender demands BJP to go liberal on many issues including talks with Pakistan and the separatist leaders which so far has been nowhere in the agenda of the Hindu party. This surrender hence is unusual as well as unlikely as it opposes the historical record of the party so far.

Mufti-led PDP however is coming up with an upper hand in the coalition and is positing hefty demands driving a hard bargain with BJP. PDP’s demands on Article 370, AFSPA somehow disregard the national security and foreign policy of India. The BJP however, has not been able to stay stiff on the issues as conveyed in the election campaigning. PDP’s has been advantageously insisting its ally to recommence talks with the neighbor country and the Hurriyat leaders that alone can end the prevalent chaos and eventually bring peace in the state, which as per the senior leaders is the conduct of nation’s foreign policy which in no aspect is state’s domain.  Other issues like BJP’s eagerness to rehabilitate the West Pak refugees and PDP’s demand regarding the return of 3000 Kashmiri militants via the illegal route which again would question the integrity of national security and of India.

On the other hand, the decision on the issue of Article 370 has been kept in abeyance by the BJP. PDP had lately demanded BJP’s assurance on the matter in writing but BJP has been finding a convenient excuse to keep the issue in suspension. BJP’s demand for the CM’s post too has not got on the CMP now as the BJP is too eager for power and in the course is abandoning all the demands that are being termed as stumbling blocks. If the partnership goes ahead with such imbalance it is certainly going to result in some inevitable repercussions which potentially could sabotage the reputation of the party in its own cadre as the party in many aspects seems incapable of drawing a line.


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