BJP lashed out at Congress for seeking terror boat probe


sambit patra

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Sunday lashed out at the Congress for seeking a probe into the suspected Pakistani terror boat which blew itself up following a chase off the Gujarat coast.

Instead of thanking the agencies involved in the operation for foiling a probable terrorist attack, the Congress has touched a new “abysmal low” in politics, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra told reporters here.

“A new low in Indian has been touched, and who has been responsible for this? It’s the Congress, the principal opposition party of India. It has touched a new abysmal low as far as politics is concerned,” he said.

“…Keeping aside all political diversion, ill feelings, the Congress should have stood up with the Indian government and should have taken the opportunity to thank all those agencies (involved) for protecting us from a probable terror attack. But the Congress chose otherwise,” he said.

“It (the Congress) chose to stand by the probable perpetrator,” he added.

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