BJP likely to clip wings of ministers to punish for weak performance

In a bid to assuage the feelings of the Jammu region whose people voted it to power the BJP is likely to clip the wings of some of it’s leaders who hold ministerial posts in the coalition government. The BJP high command is also worried about the failure of it’s senior leaders to stamp their identity in government which has had allowed the PDP to control the political discourse.

Sources tell that BJP is likely to strip Deputy CM Dr Nirmal Singh of one of his portfolios due to what is being perceived as ineffective performance by the senior leader. A decision in this regard as well as action against other leaders might be taken after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit on November 7.

A high level meeting is reported to have taken between top BJP leaders, and RSS activists in New Delhih in the wake of repeated complaints against BJP ministers, and MLAs who are accused of being cut off from the masses. There is also a feeling in the Jammu region that despite being given full support by the people, and the party the BJP leaders led by Dr Nirmal Singh has failed to perform, and deliver the goods. This has also created the perception that PDP is far more powerful, and it has hijacked the agenda of the government in the name of Common Minimum Agenda. Although Singh is not likely to lose his position as the Deputy CM but the Sangh is aware of the problems, and a plan to reinforce the image of the party is being prepared to salvage situation.

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