BJP looking for rotational Chief Minister? State BJP president answers!

Jammu, January 13: Though both the partners BJP and PDP refuted all the rumors about the differences between the alliance, the sources have said that BJP is still waiting for a word from PDP  on government formation in the state.

The BJP national vice-president and in charge of J&K affairs, Avinash Rai Khanna held a meeting with party leaders in the state on Tuesday. While talking to the media after the meeting, he said that the party is waiting for a response from the PDP regarding government formation.

The general secretary of BJP national, Ram Madhav who is said to be the architect of PDP-BJP government in the state also visited Jammu on Tuesday evening along with Avinash Rai in order to brief local leaders about the developments going on in government formation.

Khanna told that BJP has not received any communication from the PDP regarding formation of the government. However, he denied the differences between both the party over formation of Government in the state. The meeting between Avinash, Ram Madhav and the local leaders held at the official residence of former Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh.

Ram Madhav while briefing the local leaders said, “Let the PDP open its cards. Let it take the first initiative in government formation.”

However, the meeting was termed as routine by State BJP president Sat Paul Sharma who said that the leaders visited Jammu to brief local leaders about their meeting with the PDP president and there was no discussion on government formation held.

When he was asked that whether BJP is going to demand rotational chief ministership and important portfolios, he replied that such discussion on shape and structure of the new dispensation will start only after some progress is made on government formation.

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