BJP loss in Delhi does not change political situation in J&K, PDP must remain sane in dealing with saffron party


BJP victory, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Jammu, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, PDP, NC, People's Democratic Party, National conference, coalition, allianceWhile the BJP has suffered a big defeat in Delhi, and it is also being described as the end of Modi jauggernaut but political watchers say that there would be little impact or political fallout of this development on the BJP in other parts of the country. Just few days after the Delhi result, the BJP managed to win local bodies election in Assam, which is being described as a major positive for the party. The political allies and opposition must realize that Delhi is not like other Indian states, and it is a very large urban population with proportionally more seats packed in a small urban area. As far as Jammu and Kashmir is concerned the coalition partners PDP, and BJP are on course to form the government. The PDP has reiterated that it will form the government with BJP irrespective of the political developments in Delhi, and this is also the right thing to do.

There is apprehension that BJP defeat in Delhi would make the Modi-Amit Shah led party, and government less assertive, and this is also going to weaken the grip of these two on politics. However making this assessment would be a wrong decision because the BJP leadership at present is aggressive, and known to take risks. PDP on it’s part knows that there is no change in the ground situation as far as J&K is concerned. It might tend to flex it’s muscles and seek more concessions from the BJP, and might try to impress Delhi that removal of AFSPA is essential while giving residential status to West Pak refugees is not that important. However, this ploy is unlikely to work with the BJP leadership because the party knows that it should not look to have cowed down by the political setback in Delhi. It has to be understood that the defeat in Delhi happened because the BJP was not prepared to take on Kejriwal in the national capital. The AAP had been preparing for the Delhi polls for the last one and half years, and the divided BJP in Delhi with it’s ageing leaders did not have enough ammunition to take on the well prepared AAP.

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Even before the Delhi election the Modi wave worked in Jammu region alone, and the people of Kashmir did not vote for the BJP as such the defeat of the party in Delhi can only cause some relief for them, and nothing else.
The BJP might have to re-strategise in the wake of Delhi debacle but it does not need to apologize for a single political loss. However, it has to sit on the table, and plan how it can ensure the delivery of good governance, and results for the people of Jammu who have voted overwhelmingly for the Saffron party. It is to be noted that people of Jammu have voted for BJP because they want an end to Kashmiri domination, discrimination and corruption in the state which has put development on backburner. The BJP has to ensure that in search of power it does not make too many compromises with the PDP which might find ways to pressure the party in the state. The PDP must also realize that muscle flexing with BJP will not serve any purpose but only prove that it is a opportunistic partner, and this will not augur well for the future of the coalition government. Both BJP and PDP are natural allies in Jammu and Kashmir, and at this crucial juncture both parties should look towards forming a government soon as too much water has flown in the Jehlum and the Tawi.