BJP maintains poise over insulting comments by senior PDP leaders

Jammu, January 15: In a speculation being made over the issue of government reformation in Jammu and Kashmir, a news of PDP adopting a tough stance to implement the “Agenda of the Alliance”,  has been floating in the political corridors.

As per reports, PDP is of view that there should be a guarantee from BJP of the implementation of  the “Agenda of the Alliance” while BJP has remained silent over the matter to avoid any kind of controversy at this point of time. Following these events an assurance from the centre has come over an accelerated release of financial package.

Sources said that PDP has sought a deadline for important issues including return of power projects to the state, vacating state land from the possession of the security forces, including the Army, and initiating a dialogue with other groups.

The statement was made by a senior PDP leader, Naeem Akhtar that party and other senior leaders want concrete action to be taken to implement the agenda for alliance agreed upon last year to continue an alliance in Jammu and Kashmir.

On the other hand, State BJP president Sat Sharma has said that several statements has been made by PDP leaders individually and there is no need to react over that. BJP will make an official statement only after PDP leadership clear its stand officially.

Also, the BJP’s National General Secretary Ram Madhav, who has been assigned by the high command for the job of restitching the alliance with the PDP has strictly directed all the local leaders not to make any statement at this crucial moment as it can lead to spoiled relations between the two parties. The Tribune has reported that the BJP leaders from Jammu have received a rap from Madhav over making irresponsible statements.

The issued raised by Akhtar is not new and it has been raised a number of time before as well. The same are already incorporated in the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’.

He also brought up the discussing of handing over at least one power project, being manned by the Central agencies to state.