370 As BJP bats for abrogation of Article 370 Kashmiris’ rose up in anger by saying that it is because of this article only that Kashmir is attached to India.

“Little do they know that this article is all that keeps Kashmir with India. BJP has no idea that India does not have power to take it back. It is only a great game of politics and these tactics only alienate a Kashmiri from India,” says Zubair, a banker.

As this news reached Kashmir, the BJP’s wing here they said that they don’t vote for abrogation but discussion.

According to them they are not in favour of allowing people from outside the state to come and develop their establishments. They say Kashmir is a different place and accommodating other will not be as per to their will.

They also say that there must be discussion on whether it is good for the people of Kashmir or just few families are gaining out of this status to Kashmir since decades.

People here believe that it is the people living here only who can decide whether this can stay or not.

“Kashmir isn’t like any other state of India and this article secures the unique character and identity of state. Article 370 is so much eroded that much of its substance if gone only the state subject provision has been retained even though only in distorted identity,” says Noor Mohammad Baba, an academician.

Bhartiya Janta Party has pledged to abrogate Art 370 of the Constitution if voted to power. In their election manifesto the party promised the abrogation of Art 370. However legal experts believe that Abrogation of article 370 will weaken the instrument of accession and infringe the same.

“Any such action in this matter seems impractical. The action was to be approved by constituent assembly of the state which is no more in existence,” says a former Chief Justice, J&K High Court.


Lubna Reshi