BJP MLA breaks silence over Govt formation and Militancy in the state


Jammu, march 21: While speaking to the national news correspondent today BJP MPL from Nawshera – Sunderbani constituency came forward with the ray of hope in formation of the government in the sensitive state.

He said that, People of this state has voted him and his party members for Six years. We cannot let their hopes down by bringing the mid-term election in such situation. Him and his party member are mature enough not to take such decision as it will only be the wastage of money and time and a lengthy process as well.

If people have voted us for Six years and if the government is unstable at the moment, we will find a different way through which we can make it stable. We will have to opt for a different option.

Our seniors in Delhi are discussing over this matter and we are hopeful that they will come up with a positive decision for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. ‘People have voted us for Six months not for Ten months’. he added.

He also shared his view on the issue of rising Terrorism in the state. He said those who are arrested will not be released in any circumstances.

India is a democratic country and Jammu and Kashmir is solely the part of it. Such culprits will be punished whoever will raise its voice against the unity of the country.

No one is above the law and everyone will be treated as per their deeds.