BJP MLA gifts Mecedes to his 13 year old son

At a time when the people are standing in long queues struggling to cope with cash crunch in banks, BJP MLA Ram Kadam has given a Mercedes car to his son as a birthday gift. What is more shocking is that the BJP MLA flaunted his expensive gift by putting it on Twitter.
Kadam represents BJP from Ghatkopar (West) assembly constituency. Almost five days ago, Kadam posted the picture of the brand new car with his son standing next to it.

The tweet which raised eyebrows made some remark on whether the son who appeared minor was eligible to drive the car or not. However, Kadam could not be reached for comments.

Harsh Goenka, chairman of the RPG Enterprises, tweeted : “ BJP MLA giving his minor kid a Mercedes on his birthday and putting it on Twitter ! Big brother is watching.”

A senior BJP leader on conditions of anonymity said, “ At a time when people supporting us and ready to face hardships standing in queue to withdraw small amount of money, you cannot have elected members indulging in vulgar display of wealth.” He said, “ Every individual has the right to decide what gift to give their child. I am not questioning the source of money nor gift. Anybody can buy car from hard earned money. But we cannot violate the set rules. We have to be careful.”

Kadam was elected as MLA from MNS party in 2009. He got elected on BJP ticket in 2014 assembly elections.
He has courted controversies in the past. In his first term he was suspended for four years for unruly protest for opposing Samajwadi Party’s Abu Azmi taking oath in Hindi. Earlier, he also invited trouble for allegedly slapping a BMC officer.